Hysutron, LLC is a privately owned company with 20+ years of combined experience in servicing the industrial computing industry. We provide service to various fields and applications from agriculture, military, to packaging, just to name a few. Hysutron is a small business operations, which in turn has its advantages over its competitors. Through quality of service, cost effective solutions, lead time, quick response, one-on-one communication, and valued rapport in building relations with our customers, Hysutron exceeds its competitors in meeting our customer's needs and expectations.

Our sales team is highly experienced in finding a solution that will fit your business. Through our key manufacturers, we will provide you with the best solution possible for any of your project applications.

Our production team is strongly experienced in either building or modifying any industrial computers, whether it be on the chassis, brackets, or bays. Products are built based on each customer's specifications, which allows control of their products serviced through our business. With technicians who understand the needs and expectations of the customers, our products are built and shipped to your facility upon tested approval either through Hysutron's test process or through the customer's specified testing, as requested.

Hysutron offers both BTO (Build to Order) and COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) solutions, thereby expanding our products and giving customer's further selection and control of the products they choose to for their applications.

Our years of experience and small size business allows us the flexibility to quickly and diligently adapt to customer requests or changes. We strongly value our customers and have a commitment in giving the best service and quality products available out there. Building a solid relationship with our customers is a top priority. We honor our customers by delivering durable quality parts with competitive pricing through key manufacturers in the industry. Through our customer relations, we are also open to partnership with customers in turn to create a long lasting business relationship to better expand our business operations and help our customers achieve their goals in a timely sensitive manner.

  • 20+ Years of servicing the industrial computing industry
  • Support OEM/ODM
  • Creating business partnership
  • Partnership with key manufacturers
  • Quality service and relationship building
  • Global material procurement
  • Extended warranty programs

Hysutron is dedicated in finding the right solution for your project applications. Through our key manufacturers we provide cost effective solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. Below are two of our solutions that we provide in helping customers on a decision making to meet their criteria.

Commercial off the shelf

At Hysutron, we offer Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) products to our customers giving them a wider range of customization to their projects. COTS are existing products which can be integrated into appropriate solutions. We have strong relationship with key manufacturers that supply us with industrial grade components, giving us the ability to create quick and easy solutions for your business.

Build to Order

Sometimes COTS don’t quite have all the solutions for your business needs. That’s where Build to Order (BTO) products are provided to customers. We are experts at selecting all the correct and compatible components to customize units that meets or exceeds customer expectations. This gives both Hysutron and our customers flexibility in designing the most optimal solution. This is including moderate engineering modifications to existing components, custom labeling, logos, color change, mechanical and or electrical, giving customers reliable, serviceable, and cost-effective solutions that minimizes secondary machining and assembly cost.

  • Quick and adaptable turnarounds
  • Flexible volume production
  • Complete revision control
  • Personalized RMA department
  • ESD implemented environment
  • Full system and component traceability
  • Recreate customer specific testing
  • Minimum of 12hrs full system test and burn-in
  • CoC (Certificate of compliance)
  • QC inspection protocol per system
  • Digital records on and offsite
  • Documented building procedures
  • System serialized, date, and revision labeled
  • Full test reports shipped with each system
  • Software preloaded and configured
  • Thermal testing
  • Technical consultation
  • Custom modification to existing chassis for fitment
  • Imaging and configuring
  • Embedded operating system solutions
  • Custom cabling
  • Electrical & mechanical modification
  • System configuration (setup and customize)

Hysutron products are certified and are in compliance with their specific standards. Certifications are through 3rd party organizations. Below is a list of the majority of certifications we carry through our products. If there are any specific certifications your business requires, please inform us during the initial specification request.

▪Applies to equipment's that is intended to be used outside potentially explosive atmosphere.



▪Issued to specific products being used in potentially hazardous environment. 
▪The marking is a manufacturing declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.



▪Applies to products intended to be used in the Canadian market that have been tested to comply with the requirements of Canadian Electrical Code.



▪Products that have comply and pass the requirements of Det Norske Veritas.



▪Products for car, motorcycle, and security that comply with noise and emissions in accordance with the EU.



EN 45545
▪Products for railway applications that comply with fire protection on railway vehicles.


▪Part 1: General.

▪Part 2: Requirements for fire behavior of materials and components.

▪Part 3: Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers.

▪Part 4: Fire safety requirements for rolling stock design.

▪Part 5: Fire safety requirements for electrical equipment including that of trolley buses, track guided buses and magnetic levitation vehicles.

▪Part 6: Fire control and management systems.

▪Part 7: Fire safety requirements for flammable liquid and flammable gas installations.


EN 50121
▪Products for railway applications that comply with electromagnetic compatibility.


▪Part 1: General.

▪Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world.

▪Part 3-1: Rolling stock - Train and complete vehicle.

▪Part 3-2: Rolling stock - Apparatus.

▪Part 4: Emission and immunity of the signaling and telecommunications apparatus.

▪Part 5: Emission and immunity of fixed power supply installations and apparatus.


EN 50155
▪Products for railway applications with electronic equipment used on rolling stock.



EN 60950
▪Products for information technology equipment.


▪Part 1: General requirements.

▪Part 21: Remote power feed.

▪Part 22: Equipment installed outdoors.

▪Part 23: Large data storage equipment.

▪Products that are certified that they comply with electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.


▪Class A: Products marketed for industrial applications.

▪Class B: Products marketed for home or a residential area.


▪Products that comply and are certified for maritime type applications.
IEC 60601
▪Products for medical electrical equipment that comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission standards.



IEC 60945
▪Products for maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems.



IEC 60950
▪Safety of information technology equipment.



▪Classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion.



▪IPC is a standard for electronic component quality assurance.


▪610: Certified for quality assurance for soldering electronic assembly.

▪620: Certified for quality assurance for wire harness and cable assembly.

ipc-a-610 ipc-a-620

▪Products that are certified through various tests approved by the United States Department of Defense. These products are prepared specifically for but not limited to military applications.



▪A standard primarily used in North America for rating enclosures.
▪Products that are in compliance that restrict the use of specific hazardous material being used.



▪Applies to products that are approved to the US market and have received specific Underwriters Laboratories certification that complies with the National Electrical Code.



▪Devices that comply with the European Community directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment.



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