Build to order solutions focuses on production after the customer initially orders the product. Through this process less importance is placed on historical and future sales data, as it will only fulfill orders that come through. BTO is the production approach associated with highly customizable goods. Knowledgeable companies know how to handle these fluctuations and plan far enough ahead to smooth out production. Build to order is the oldest style of order fulfillment and is the most appropriate approach used for highly customized or low volume products.

BTO (Build to Order) Advantages

One of the great advantages of BTO is the ability to customize products to meet the needs and preferences of individual customers. At Hysutron we build custom PC solutions to your exact specifications, which saves you time and money. Some of the main benefits associated with BTO (build to order) custom PC solutions, include:
  • Custom product specifications
  • Reduction in discount inventory
  • Reduction of finished product inventory
  • Less stock obsolescence risk 

BTO Custom PC Solutions 

In Industrial and certified computing applications, the needs of specific applications can be quite unique.  Where our standard portfolio of off the shelf products are not totally suitable we provide customized solutions for your special applications. Hysutron builds Embedded and Industrial computers and LCDs for a wide array of applications. 

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