COTS (commercial off the shelf) software solutions are ready-made and designed to be implemented easily into existing software systems without the need for pure customization. COTS products generally need to be configured to achieve the exact needs of the business as well as integration into existing organizational systems. Commercial off the shelf software solutions provide reduction system whole of life costs.

COTS Based Software Solutions

Public sector organizations are relying heavily on COTS applications to supplement, augment or replace proprietary systems. This reliance on commercial off the shelf software solutions is driven by the promise of improved functionality and reduced total ownership cost. COTS software also addresses the concern relating to the inability to develop and maintain proprietary IT solutions versus COTS IT applications. Some of the custom COTS implementations that Hysutron provides, include:
  • Implementation of COTS based solutions
  • Evaluating & selecting COTS product options
  • Analyzing software requirements
  • Finalizing terms with COTS vendors
  • Maintenance & upgrade of COTS based solutions

Pure COTS Customization Solutions 

Hysutron utilizes only advanced quality OEM commercial off the shelf components to build a system that will provide you with production performance, stability and longevity that you require. Our COTS (commercial off the shelf) solutions is an ideal business process that provides quick response time and mass customization to order fulfillment requests. 

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