Engineered custom PC solutions provides a full range of advanced quality services to give you the manufacturing and integration expertise to help you design and produce complete turnkey systems. Whether you need an entry-level system, a completely integrated system with private label branding or a custom chassis designed to your specifications, engineered solutions will help your company succeed. The engineered custom PC solutions that will help your company thrive, include:
  • COTS (commercial off the shelf) solutions
  • BTO (build to order) solutions
  • ETOS (engineered to order systems) solutions 
Hysutron offers all the above services to every one of our customers, no matter how small or large the project. All our industrial computers are manufactured based on a foundation of best procurement of off-the-shelf technologies, while utilizing only the finest quality materials. Our strategic planning and engineered solutions provides an optimized platform that reduces overall project expense. 

Fully Engineered Custom PC Solutions 

Hysutron differentiates themselves from the rest of the industry when appropriate standard or semi-custom offerings cannot be found. Our engineering team will work with you to understand your needs, provide options, propose solutions and implement innovatively designed custom engineered industrial computer solutions to meet your requirements. Our custom engineered solutions include the following:

ETOS (Engineered to Order Systems) Solutions

With many years of experience in the rapid development and deployment of high-end, board-level and system-level products, Hysutron is the strategic product realization partner for world-class OEMs. Along with our partners, we can design and manufacture Embedded Systems, Embedded PC, PC104, Single Board Computer (SBC), Industrial PC, Industrial Computer Systems with support of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux and more.

ETO (Engineered to Order) Engineering Services

Before you commit to a final design concept we create 3D CAD models to enable you to see what your solution will look like. Through this process we can show you the look of a solution before you can touch it, thus you are able to rely on the track record of solutions that we have engineered for others throughout the years. We let the results speak for themselves; Total Control Engineered Solutions offers the greatest overall value in the industry. Our engineering services, include: 
  • Research & Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Product Specifications
  • Design Engineering
  • Component Selection
  • Build Optimization 
  • Product Testing
  • Work Instructions
  • ISO 13485 Compliance 
  • 3D CAD Design Modeling
  • Registered FDA Contract Manufacturer
  • Cable and Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing 

COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) Solutions 

Hysutron’s knowledge and years of experience will provide you with the best COTS options in the industry. We can fully customize your system using our COTS custom PC solutions. We utilize only the finest advanced quality commercial off the shelf OEM components to build a system that will provide you with production performance, stability and longevity that you require. Hysutron’s COTS (commercial off the shelf) solutions is an ideal business process model that provides both mass customization and a quick response time to order fulfillment.
If you are searching for the best COTS engineered solution options, then build your system using Hysutron’s COTS (commercial off the shelf) services.

BTO (Build to Order) Solutions

The needs of specialized industrial and certified computing applications can be unique to each custom PC scenario. If Hysutron’s standard portfolio of off the shelf products are not suitable for your unique setup, we provide custom engineered solutions through our BTO (build to order) product line. Hysutron builds embedded and industrial computers and LCDs for a wide array of applications. 

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