Engineered to order PC solutions is an adaptive, demand-driven approach to the manufacturing process. It is usually the right solution when details on a customer order are not provided and engineering development must be added to product lead time. ETO is an ideal method for customers that are looking for solutions that are tailored to fit their specific projects. 

Engineer to Order Vs Made to Order 

The designs within engineered to order PC solutions are created through collaboration with the customer, beginning with a need and a concept. This is a much more creative process and requires a much closer relationship with clients, ultimately leading to a product that is truly unique.
The main difference between the ETO approach to production and made to order products is that engineering original products to order includes the entire design process. In MTO companies typically have a fixed design and specifications to start with. The existing design is followed, even if the customer requests some customization of dimensions or materials.

ETOS (Engineered to Order Systems) Engineering Services

Before you commit to a final design concept we create 3D CAD models to enable you to see what your solution will look like. Through this process we can show you the look of a solution before you can touch it, thus you are able to rely on the track record of solutions that we have engineered for others throughout the years. We let the results speak for themselves; Total Control Engineered Solutions offers the greatest overall value in the industry. Our engineering services, include:
  • Research & Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Product Specifications
  • Design Engineering
  • Component Selection
  • Build Optimization 
  • Product Testing
  • Work Instructions
  • ISO 13485 Compliance 
  • 3D CAD Design Modeling
  • Registered FDA Contract Manufacturer
  • Cable and Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing 

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