Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I place an order or get more information about a product with Hysutron?
2. What is the time length in processing my order?
3. My product was damaged during shipping. What do I do?
4. How do I return a defective product for repair?
5. Why am I charged for shipping on my defective product?
6. Why am I charged for shipping on my repaired product?
7. How to mount my LCD displays and Panel PCs?
8. What is my PICMG?
9. What is my IP Ratings?
10. What are the differences between industrial computers vs comsumer computers?
11. What are the common touchscreens you offer and what are the differences?
12. What are the best options for extreme temperatures?
13. What is the best processor for my application?
14. What power supply options are available for application?
15. Are Hysutron products compatible with Windows Embedded?

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