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Industrial tablet PCs are purpose built to stand up to the constant rigors of industrial manufacturing. They are constructed with a wide range of features that provide numerous benefits that will be appreciated by the industrial workers that use them. Industrial grade tablets are precisely constructed to handle the dirt, grime, wear and tear of industrial applications. If you are currently utilizing standard PCs for your industrial applications, then you are missing out on what industrial mobile computers have to offer.

Industrial Tablet PC Features 

Rugged industrial tablets contain a bevy of features that make them the clear choice for heavy duty industrial applications. Some of the beneficial features of Hysutron’s industrial mobile computers, include:
  • Waterproof & shockproof design
  • Extreme drop protection
  • Dual swappable batteries
  • Lightweight design
  • Cellular 3G/4G LTE, GSM / CDMA capable
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Energy efficient processor
  • And more

Industrial Grade Tablet benefits 

Industrial tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing sector. Their rugged design, advanced hardware additions such as hot-swappable batteries, integrated RFID, barcode or card readers, full compatibility with productivity applications, serial ports, advanced security, authentication and connectivity options and many other features make an industrial tablet one of the most favored devices on the manufacturing floor. The benefits associated with implementing industrial grade tablets throughout your workplace, include:
  • Increased security – With a bevy of advanced security options included with all our industrial grade tablets, you will never have to worry about keeping your information secure.
  • Increased uptime -  Industrial tablets’ IP ratings and extensive testing and certifications provide the necessary reliability and durability that your industrial manufacturing applications require.
  • Extended battery life - Easily check battery status with LED indicators on both the back and front of the tablet. The LED indicator shows the status of each battery so you can swap out one if it gets low or wait until both are nearly exhausted.
  • Cost benefits - Maintenance, fail rates, security issues, and downtime due to the insufficient ruggedness of consumer devices add up a significant amount to the total cost of ownership of consumer devices. Industrial grade tablets significantly cut down on those costs.
  • Docking & mounting capabilities – With docking and mounting capabilities you can mount or dock your industrial tablet on a forklift, wall or a wide variety of other surfaces. 
  • High durability – Industrial mobile computers are highly durable and can continuously stand up to the rigors of industrial manufacturing.

Disadvantages of Standard Consumer Tablets 

Standard consumer tablets are not designed to be used on the manufacturing floor or in the field for many reasons. The problems with using consumer tablets within manufacturing applications are wide spread, including: 
  • Not designed to be a rugged industrial tablet since drop and basic impact protection is not enough for a manufacturing environment;
  • iOS and Android do not provide the feature set and compatibility of Windows necessary for manufacturing productivity suites;
  • Do not integrate well into the existing ecosystem, are not compatible with legacy equipment;
  • When used in manufacturing, they have a high failure rate, short life cycles and become obsolete fast, as manufacturers release new models every six months and eventually drop support for older models;
  • Lack of water resistance and readability in the sunlit environments;
  • Poor security features
  • Integrated RFID, barcode, CAC or smart card readers not included.
Industrial tablets are customizable at the OS, hardware and software levels, which translates to stellar performance, mobility, security and high ROI.

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