Return Material Authorization
Products that are returned as DOA/RMA is required to be packaged in such a way that there will be no additional damages done during shipping and handling. Customers must contact Hysutron’s RMA department in advance before shipping out DOA/RMA product or product will be refused. Product under warranty term that are shipped to Hysutron’s RMA department will be at customer’s expense. Warranty products that are repaired will be shipped out to customers at Hysutron’s expense. It will be at Hysutron’s discretion to use which ever shipping method fits best.
  • Products must be shipped and returned with their original packaging and accessories.
  • Hysutron suggest that any packages shipped should be insured. Hysutron will not be held accountable for any damages and loss of uninsured products. COD packages will not be accepted.
  • Hysutron suggests that customer’s record tracking numbers for reference and proof of product shipment.
  • Products that are returned with insufficient information will possibly delay turnaround time until information is acquired.
  • RMA/DOA number must appear on the outside of the shipping package. Paperwork must show proof of purchase and have a copy of the RMA form included inside.
  • Packages should be inspected before signing off. Damaged packages by carrier must be recorded and customers must contact carrier and Hysutron immediately. Packaging must be kept for carrier to review or pickup. Failure to inspect damages during carrier drop off will assume that customers have accepted and is satisfied with what is received.
Software and Privacy
Hysutron suggests that software and private data has been backup and cleared (if necessary) before returning product to Hysutron. Hysutron is not held accountable for any lost data or private data viewed by Hysutron’s employees.
RMA Products
Hysutron suggests that customers do not send manuals, disks, cables, or retail packaging with the returned product (unless parts are the possible cause of issue directly or indirectly). Hysutron will, at its best, send all items that were shipped to Hysutron’s RMA department back with the returned product.
DOA Products
Products that are sent back to Hysutron for DOA will be replaced and sent back to customers with or without parts and accessories based on what the customer shipped with the products.
Service charge
Product Under Warranty
Products under warranty for repair will have no additional charges except a one-way shipping cost at customer’s expense.
Product Out of Warranty
Products out of warranty for repair will be based on component cost, cost of labor time, and shipping charges.
  • Before shipping an out of warranty product to Hysutron’s RMA department. Customers must contact Hysutron’s RMA department to receive an RMA number. This number will be used to track your products status.
  • There will be a minimum charge of $125 USD for diagnosing a product that is out of its warranty term.
  • Estimate cost of repair will be sent to the customer before any action is taken. After repair has been completed, a formal invoice will be sent to the customer. Invoice must be completed, signed, and returned with payment for the repair service and freight charge. Payments should have an RMA reference number.
  • Hysutron reserve the rights to deny any repair services to customers that do not complete the invoice form. Hysutron will recycle any defective products and/or components without notice if customers do not return a signed invoice within the 3 months of the products received by Hysutron’s RMA department.
EOL (End of life) service
Hysutron cannot guarantee repair for products that are End of Life. Repairs and prices will depend on availability of End of Life products. If products are not available, Hysutron will suggest products that are equivalent to the End of Life product.
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