Rugged Mobile Tablets

A rugged mobile computer is specifically designed to reliably operate and perform in harsh environments and conditions. Some of the extreme circumstances and surroundings that a ruggedized tablet is designed to perform include: wet or dusty areas, extremely hot and cold environments and areas that are susceptible to constant vibrations. Rugged tablets are built to stand up to the challenges of virtually any environment. A rugged tablet PC is the best option for those that need their electronics to be fully functional in the most extreme environments. 

Ruggedized Tablet Applications

Rugged mobile computers share a fundamental design viewpoint of providing ruggedized internal components coupled with an extremely tough outer shell. The internal components of a rugged industrial tablet are designed to withstand extreme vibrations and operating temperatures. Rugged tablets are dust- and waterproof and are specifically designed to resist drops, shocks, and vibrations. Some of the applications associated with a rugged mobile tablet, include:
  • Public safety
  • Military & defense
  • Construction
  • Land surveying
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas
  • Environmental sciences
  • Outdoor recreation
  • And many more

Rugged Mobile Computer Design Specifications

Rugged industrial tablets can withstand extreme conditions due to their specifically designed inner components and outer shell. A Hysutron rugged tablet PC has no internal moving parts. Its functionality lies in a solid state hard drive (SSD), which does not require a fan, further reinforcing its dust- and waterproof advantages. Certain Hysutron rugged tablet options have smart options such as RFID-readers, barcode scanners, or GPS to better serve the industries that require these technologies. Contact us for more information on the smart options that are available.
In addition, our military-grade standard designs can withstand harsh conditions, including drops, altitude, extreme temperatures, immersion, salt, fog and blowing dust. MIL-STD-810G testing and IP67, IP69, IP69 certification attest to the durability of the device. With these MIL-SPEC rugged tablet designs, workers can go about their business without the fear of technological failure.

Rugged Mobile Tablet Industrial Uses

Rugged mobile computers are regularly used within the following industries:

Rugged Tablets & Industrial Automation 

Hysutron’s rugged industrial tablets are resistant to most stresses that can occur in factories. These rugged tablet PC’s can be placed next to the concrete mixer, lathe, pump, electrical welding equipment, wherever automation or information is needed.
Ruggedized tablets are ideal for surveillance of processes to prevent errors, allowing the staff to work on more complex issues. By controlling several machines through a common computer interface much time and effort can be saved.

Rugged Tablet PC Test Standards & Classifications

Ruggedization standards for rugged mobile computers include the following classifications and standards:
  • Ingress protection (IP classification)
  • Military test standards (MIL-STD-810)
  • ATEX Directive

ATEX is short for Atmospheres Explosives; a European directive for controlling risk in potentially explosive environments like flammable gases that might be present in the oil & gas industry.

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