Hysutron’s products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship from the date the product leave Hysutron’s facility. Hysutron will repair or replace the product at no additional charge to customers at its own discretion within the warranty term.
Warranty Term
Hysutron’s warranty term are as stated unless otherwise stated during a purchase.
  • Rackmount systems, Desktop systems, Embedded systems, Panel PC's, Monitors, Single board computers, Motherboards, Embedded boards, Bundle kits. (1 year)
  • Loose products (Any products sold individually with no labor or testing. Definition of Loose products and warranty term for Loose products may change at Hysutron’s discretion during a purchase). (30 to 60 days)
Extended warranty terms are available at additional charges for clients who request for it. (up to 2 years)
DOA Products
The warranty term date will be labeled on each product from Hysutron. DOA products have a validity date of 14 days from its shipped date. Customers must contact Hysutron within this time frame so products may be returned for repair or replacement through Hysutron’s Returned Material Authorization (RMA) department.
DOA cross-shipment is available based on product availability. When shipping DOA products back to Hysutron these conditions must be met. If conditions are not met, customers will be subject to additional handling and/or service charges as determined fit by Hysutron’s RMA department.
  • Returned product must not be damaged, altered, nor marked in anyway.
  • Accessories must be shipped back with the product in its original package.
  • Customers must have and included proof of purchase with the product.
Warranty Coverages
Products that are returned as RMA, may possibly be serviced and/or manufactured with components that are returned products that have been tested to be equivalent to new products that meets Hysutron’s specifications. Products that are defective maybe limited to repair or replacement upon Hysutron’s discretion.
Hysutron will not be responsible for any damages or loss of any programs, data, or storage media. Customers are encouraged to backup programs and/or data prior to returning their product to Hysutron’s RMA department. Hysutron’s sole obligation is to recover the returned product to its factory stage.
Exclusions from Warranty Coverage
The product will be excluded from warranty if the product meets any of the criteria listed below.
  • Product that have been found to be defective after expiration of the warranty term.
  • Product that are found to have been misused, abused, or mishandled. Such conditions will be determined solely by Hysutron.
  • Product are damaged beyond repair in a natural disaster such as lighting, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Product that are damaged in the result of repair done by any individual or organization other than Hysutron’s RMA department.
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